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Alright listen up guys.  This scene, this “it’s a metaphor” thing, should never have been written.  Not only because it’s extremely offensive to Hazel, but because if Gus was a real person, who really had Osteosarcoma he would know that there is a chance that if his cancer comes back then it will come back in his lungs.

Not as lung cancer, mind you, as bone cancer.  In his lungs.  Which means cancerous bone tumor crystals will be growing inside of his lungs.  So if this was real life, and not a book?  This scene would never have happened.  Not ever.

I HAD Osteosarcoma, which is why this book, this movie - honestly just makes me pretty peeved.  There are so many real life side effects that Gus doesn’t have/doesn’t talk about and it really makes me mad, because it feels like John Green didn’t do his research properly.  It feels like he just went to Google and looked up “Rare Cancers in Teens” and picked those for his characters.  Not only do they have to be special snowflakes who do everything for the irony, but their illnesses have to be special snowflakes too.

I am not going to see this movie.  I am not going to pay to sit through this and feel like I got punched in the face again after having that feeling when I read the book.  This book was such a slap in the face to me, it felt like he was belittling my illness.  It was insulting.

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I feel guilty when people worry about me because my life is literally worthless so please don’t waste your time worrying about me ok

I feel bad when people claim to be worthless because you’re worth a hell of a lot to me. I did not waste my time on you or on anyone else. You are not worthless because you are loved and cared about by many- and I among them, if that counts for anything. I’m not your friend because I want to help you sink into your problems and pity you. I’m your friend because I like your personality and I want to help you get rid of those problems. I’m not sure that this post contains your legitimate thoughts, but I thought I’d add mine.